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The Most Comprehensive Vegan Intolerance Test Kit Available
Discover the vegan food, environmental factors, skincare ingredients, or nutritional deficiencies that could be causing chronic symptoms like fatigue, dry skin, gastrointestinal distress, headaches, and more!
Receive easy to read reports, including personalized insights and actionable next steps.
Vegan Test Kit
Product Description
• Non-invasive test, just provide a sample of your hair
• Suitable for all ages
• Measuring over 800+ intolerances, imbalances and sensitivities
• Results in two days *after sample received
** Ships within 24 hours **


Unlock Everything You Need To Know To Help Improve Your Vegan Life
Ucari compares your hair sample against:
Food Intolerances
Environmental Intolerances
Nutritional Imbalances
Skin Sensitivities
What's Included In Your Kit
Prepaid return
Access to lifelong
wellness tools

Discover How Intolerances Might Slow You Down

Find out what could be causing you to experience these symptoms LEARN MORE
Digestive issues
Skin problems
Mental fatigue
Ready to identify your intolerances and sensitivities to life a healthy vegan life
Ready to identify your intolerances and sensitivities to life a healthy vegan life
We make it easy to take action
Easy to understand test results
We keep it simple and easy to understand, so you know exactly what to do. When you log in, you will see a user-friendly, color-coded personal chart detailing your intolerances ranked from highest to lowest.
Personalized for you
Your results are broken down into four categories: food, environmental, skin care ingredient sensitivities, and your nutritional imbalances.
Actionable Nutritional Reboot
An easy three-part elimination diet that will help you unleash the power of the green, healthful foods that fuel your body to achieve a happier, healthier YOU!

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Since food intolerances and sensitivities have delayed symptoms, it can be difficult to pinpoint which foods are causing your symptoms or daily discomfort. This is where food intolerance and sensitivity testing are critical. By using UCARI’s intolerance testing kit, you can determine which foods could potentially be causing your symptoms and begin eliminating them from your diet for a certain period of time. This is known as an elimination diet that our highly trained wellness coach can take you through.

An intolerance is a reaction to an external trigger and strong intolerances are usually from a body that is out of balance. This means that it is possible to improve intolerances by either 1) Removing the trigger, or 2) Improving the body' s balance. So don' t worry, if you are experiencing an intolerance, there is a good chance you will be able to improve your symptoms. However, if your symptoms do not improve, then it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Many symptoms of intolerances can mimic symptoms of other conditions which are not necessarily related to what you eat or your environment. Taking the time to eliminate intolerance triggers will not harm your health, but ignoring warning signs may. So keep your doctor in the loop of what you' re up to and make sure to get any questions checked out.

No. You don' t have to have all of the potential triggers you would like to test in your stomach or on your skin. (That would be quite the feat!) You don' t even have to have been exposed to it before! We will use your hair to test how your body reacts to different food and environmental triggers. The electromagnetic waves in your hair still respond the way they do in the rest of your body, and that' s what our machine reads. So think of your hair sample as the representative for your body, and our machine asks how it would respond to peaches, or lamb, or Red#40. Your hair will let us know how tolerant it is of the substance with its electromagnetic response, and that will tell us how your body would likely respond. Those are the results we give to you.

Non-food intolerances refer to items you may come in contact with that may cause an intolerance response, but are not foods. Things like soaps, shampoos, perfumes, makeup, or natural things in the environment like pollen, dust, and dander can all trigger an intolerance response in your body. Once you identify these non-food triggers, you can choose to avoid them so your body can be better balanced.

Metal toxicity is the build-up of large amounts of heavy metals in the soft tissues of your body. The heavy metals most commonly associated with poisoning are lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. Exposure usually occurs through industrial exposure, pollution, food, medication, improperly coated food containers, or the ingestion of lead-based paints. Symptoms vary between the different types of heavy metals.

Skin sensitivities refer specifically to your body' s reaction to substances that touch your skin. For example, makeup, lotions, and sunscreen are common triggers. Your body may respond with a rash, redness, swelling, or a higher sensitivity to pain. Skin sensitivities may be worsened when a trigger is highly concentrated, or used often. Simply washing your skin too often can cause your skin to become sensitive to any substance.

Not all all! Even if your hair is dyed or chemically processed, you can test for intolerances anytime.

Luckily, not much! To provide you with the most accurate results, we only need 10-15 strands of hair. If your hair is short (or you’re using hair from other parts of your body besides your head), please include additional strands for optimum accuracy.

At UCARI we believe knowledge is power. Understanding what might be affecting your day to day wellness is at the core of everything we do. When you receive your UCARI kit, you are just 4 simple steps away from taking control of your wellness and becoming the best version of you!

We keep it simple. All you do is register your unique kit ID at Then collect your hair sample, and send it to our US lab using the pre-paid envelop included in your kit. When your hair sample has been received by our lab, your sample bag will be scanned, which will associate your sample with the account that you registered.

Your results will be posted to your private and secure portal 24 to 48 hours after your test has been received. You will also be notified via email (and text message if you opted in to receive) as soon as your sample is received at our lab, and another email (and text message) will be sent when your results are ready.

Bioresonance is a non-invasive therapy used all over the world in hospitals, wellness centers, the US Space Program, and even by collegiate and professional sports teams. A machine measures the electromagnetic signals coming from within your body captured through your hair sample and compares them to an extensive database of stored frequencies of items you come in contact with daily. These outside frequencies can sometimes interrupt the body’s communication system and result in one or many symptoms of an intolerance or imbalance occurring within your body. Bioresonance is a trusted technique that will aid in the amazing success of your wellness journey.
Got more questions? Find answers on our FAQs page.
Ready to identify your intolerances and sensitivities to life a healthy vegan life
Ready to identify your intolerances and sensitivities to life a healthy vegan life

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