I'm Tony!

Meet Tony Emerson - a Registered Nurse, Acupuncturist, Functional Medicine Expert, and UCARI’S registered Bioresonance Practitioner!

Tony is no stranger to the medical field and patient care, as he has worked extensively in some of the largest and busiest hospitals in all of London. His passion is helping others find solutions to their health obstacles, guiding them along their personal wellness paths, and looking out for the safety and wellbeing of children, whether right in his hospital or halfway around the world.

And now, our UCARI family is happy to have him!

Every Bioresonance Intolerance Test that we run at UCARI’s US based Lab is managed down to the finest detail by Tony. Along with his team, Tony ensures your test results are accurate, confidential, and delivered using the personalized technical support mechanism that provides you with a comprehensive nutritional replacement protocol along with the Elimination Diet support to make your end-to-end UCARI experience as transformative as possible. Tony is a results-driven health professional who wants everyone in the UCARI family to receive the results and guidance they need to start living their best lives.

Tony’s passion for helping everyone find the root cause of their wellness problems is at the center of all that he does. Uncovering lifestyle options and dietary solutions before having to be prescribed pharmaceuticals sits at the very core of what Tony does day in and day out. He is committed to the lifelong wellness that UCARI intolerance testing will unveil for millions worldwide.

At the very center of UCARI is YOU! Tony and his team are here to help you interpret your results, support your day-to-day transformation, and answer any questions by email to ensure your UCARI wellness transformation is one you want to share with others.

Our UCARI family is proud to have the nursing and bioresonance brilliance of Tony Emerson as part of our medical team as we help guide your exciting and rewarding wellness journey toward a happier and healthier you!

Meet our Medical Advisory Panel
UCARI is Expert-Approved! Meet the brilliant doctors and experts who recommend UCARI Intolerance Tests to their patients.
Dr. Elliot Cazes, MD
A women’s health authority and proud member of our UCARI family!
Dr. Cathleen Gerenger, DC
A holistic health guru and proud member of our UCARI family!
Dr. Moisés Irizarry, MD
A sports medicine icon and proud member of our UCARI family!
Dr. Ralph Lemus, ND
An individual biochemistry expert and proud member of our UCARI family!