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UCARI Wellness Teas
A selection of 3-uniquely blended teas that bring wellness (and an aroma of joy) to every moment of your day. Each bold blend delivers the powerful benefits of Tulsi straight to your lips with all-natural, organic, and hand blended ingredients.
Your Daily Kickstart
Good Morning Tea
Bold, invigorating blend that kickstarts your morning, improves metabolism and awakens your soul!
Your Mid-Day Powerplay
Good Afternoon Tea
All-day, triple-play tea that keeps your body feeling lively, energized and refreshed.
Sweet Dreams Are Made of Tea
Good Evening Tea
Relax, destress, and sip your worries away - sleep tight.
Trio of Teas For Your Perfect Day
Good Day Teas
A perfect blend from sunrise to sunset, all in one pack.

With every UCARI test kit sold, we provide meals for children around the world.

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