At UCARI, when we say, “It’s All About You…”

Every story is unique, and we love ours! It all began with a lively group of ambitious doctors, dedicated wellness practitioners, and dynamic entrepreneurs who put (or clanked) their heads together to craft a unique blend of intolerance tests and wellness products for on-the-go, health-conscious individuals, just like YOU!

We understand – wellness is essential, but sometimes, life gets in the way! So, at UCARI, we focus on helping you grab the reins, take control of your health, and listen to your body, with a sincere emphasis on reducing lethargy, headaches, skin problems, gastrointestinal problems, sinus issues, and more. We target those pesky intolerances that may be hindering your body and holding you back from living your best life. Why? Because with UCARI, you are at the center of all we do!

UCARI – Your Life, Your Wellness

It’s your wellness journey, but we won’t let you go it alone! The UCARI community empowers you to take control of your wellness, engages you with life-changing wellness content and products, and inspires you to live your healthiest life every step of the way. UCARI is your new “wellness buddy” for the road ahead, and we’re excited to take this journey with you!

Best of all - UCARI cares – about YOU and all the children of the world! And because of this, we proudly partner with UNICEF to donate food to children in need with every purchase you make.

Join Us on This Life-Changing Wellness Journey Today!

…Because You Put the “U” in UCARI!

Our Leadership Team
Russ Profant
Founder and Chairman
28 years in medical sales including equipment, pharmaceuticals and lab tests. Most recently started a company that sold over 80MM dollars in 18 months bringing innovative medical products to consumers through nontraditional methods.
Andy Sheldon
President and CEO
Pioneering and award-winning executive with a track record of success achieving revenue, profit, and market growth. Multi-faceted results-oriented leader with extensive experience building infrastructures, re-engineering operations, and top-line growth.
Tony Emerson
Registered Nurse
A registered nurse, certified bio-resonance expert, and proud member of our UCARI family!
Marisa Hartman
Product & Brand Development
25+ years creating global brands and product lines within the beauty, health and wellness categories.
Radu Somesfalean
Digital Experience & Marketing
Creative leader of multi-platform branded content that drives brand awareness, conversions and engagement among target audiences.
Fabiana Silva
Managing Director UCARI Español
10+ years in functional and anti-aging medicine creating brand strategy and bilingual customer experience in the health and wellness space.
Gena Hamilton
Digital Advertising Marketing & Sales
25+ years professional experience in digital media, led the digital transformation and strategy at public/private newspaper and broadcast-tv companies, with a focus on digital-first thinking.
Paul Rivera
Application Development and Engineering
20+ years as a Software Engineer architecting and developing enterprise level software solutions for the Health and Financial sectors.
Meet our Medical Advisory Panel
UCARI is Expert-Approved! Meet the brilliant doctors and experts who recommend UCARI Intolerance Tests to their patients.
Dr. Elliot Cazes, MD
A women’s health authority and proud member of our UCARI family!
Dr. Cathleen Gerenger, DC
A holistic health guru and proud member of our UCARI family!
Dr. Moisés Irizarry, MD
A sports medicine icon and proud member of our UCARI family!
Dr. Ralph Lemus, ND
An individual biochemistry expert and proud member of our UCARI family!
Tony Emerson, RN
A registered nurse, certified bio-resonance expert, and proud member of our UCARI family!